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Mike TV/ Corrigan Split 7".

Image of Mike TV/ Corrigan Split 7".

£3.00 - On Sale

At last! A Mike TV vinyl, it's what you have all been waiting for. We are so cool that we can one minute release a digital E.P and then the next minute, hark back to a format that was popular when your Dad's hair was long and his penis hard.

The virginal vinyl details are as follows! It's a split 7" with Brighton punkcunts CORRIGAN and is out on DEAR DIANE records. It's on a very limited black vinyl when all others are now coloured. Fuck that.


Mike TV

1 - Chinwag
2 - Everytime You Go Away (Cheesy cover)


1 - Hey Kathy
2 - Just Don't Know.

Limited to 300 copies.

That's it, get ordering!

Sold Out