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Nevermind! 'Michael Babymore' shirt.

£5.00 - On Sale

So we have these new shirts with Michael Barrymore's head on the baby from the Nevermind front cover. You'll have to agree that this a fucking brilliant idea and that you should buy one.

Please note that Michael did not harm any babies in the making of this shirt.

All money goes towards the families of people found (allegedly) murdered in swimming pools with appalling anal injuries. Oh yes and Courtney Love.

Youth sizes for all you ladies. Please note that the shirt colour varies from the image. I'd say it's more of a kiwi colour. Which is just great.

Buy before anyone else dies. Allegedly.

Drawn by the chocolate bar stealing bike enthusiast Manc Norwegian immigrant - Sally Renshaw. You can see more of her malarkey (art not boobs) right here -

Now fuck off.